Remember AF-S (the lens type)?

Here's a tip for Z shooters: turn on focus peaking, even if you're shooting in autofocus modes.

Why? Because if you're using an AF-S or Z lens on the camera and override the focus manually, focus peaking pops up to help you nail the new focus point you want. The usual thing that annoys me in nature shooting is near stick-ups: grass and other vegetation that can pop up in front of a subject. My response to the camera focusing on that has almost always been to roll focus manually to where I want it. On a DSLR, I have to do this by eye on a screen not really intended for focus confirmation. On the Z series, focus peaking pops up and helps me narrow where I want the focus quickly. 

And yes, this works with lenses in the FTZ adapter, as long as they're AF-S or AF-I type lenses, which is where we got the manual focus override ability in the first place. 

Hint: if you've got back button focus activated, you must press the AF-ON button in order to see the peaking while manually focusing.

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