Sigma Confident About Compatibility

Sigma issued a statement about compatibility of their lenses with the FTZ Adapter: "SIGMA’s interchangeable lenses for Nikon mount in the current lineup do not have any issues with general operation when they are used on the 'Z7', released by Nikon Corporation, via their 'Mount Adapter FTZ’."

Note that’s a very specific statement and not quite as general as some people have been interpreting it. Further down you’ll note the caveats about non-HSM lenses (manual focus only on the Z7), and a more important one: "Some interchangeable lenses shipped out before November 2013 that are not compatible with the latest DSLR cameras will not operate.” 

As you may remember, when I did the D500 blog after it came out, there were a number of Sigma lenses that didn’t operate correctly and either (1) required a firmware or other update by Sigma, or (2) remained with some incompatibility that couldn’t be addressed.

So older Sigma lenses really need to be tested before assuming that they’ll work on the Z6 and Z7. The way I look at it is this: Sigma’s current lens lineup should work, and older lenses that didn’t have problems with the D7100, D7200, and D7500 (or D500 or D850) should work, too.

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