Sony Mirrorless Cameras (APS-C)

Sony first expanded their original lineup of crop sensor mirrorless cameras to seven NEX still models plus five video models (video dealt with at bottom of page). In late 2013 Sony decided to drop the NEX name and lump all mirrorless cameras under the Alpha label. 

Both APS sensor (E-Mount, this section) and full frame sensor (FE-mount) models are now available as Alpha models, with the four-digit models being APS (E-mount) and the single digit models being full frame (FE-mount). 

The E-mount and the FE-mount are physically the same, and lenses are interchangeable, though with possible vignetting and/or cropping if you use an E-mount lens on an FE-mount camera.

Sony Alpha Universe Web site

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Bold indicates current models. 

Data for all the Sony still camera variations that are crop sensor:

Over the years, Sony also has introduced many E-mount video cameras, originally NEX cameras tailored specifically to video functions, then higher level bodies as the still cameras transitioned to Alphas (this site doesn’t provide camera data details on the video cameras, thus no links):

  • NEX-VG10 (essentially the NEX-5 level configured as a camcorder)
  • NEX-VG20 (update to the VG-1)
  • NEX-VG30 (better viewfinder than VG20)
  • NEX-VG900 (full frame sensor, uncompressed HDMI available, comes with A-mount lens adapter)
  • NEX-FS100 (slight sensor size change to Super 35 and pro-level video features)
  • NEX-FS700 (higher end Super 35 model with 4k video potential)
  • NEX-EA50 (an E-mount version of the NXCAM type of camcorder, popular with broadcasters for remote use)
  • PXW-FS5 (a lower level professional XDCAM model)
  • PXW-FS7 (a high end professional XDCAM model)
  • PXW-FS7M2 (an update to the FS7)

Available Sony E mount Lenses (crop sensor)

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