Be One of 34 People!

Want to help out and look good while doing so?

As we were cleaning up the office closets recently, we discovered a small stash of the promotional t-shirts we gave to camera company executives when we launched almost a decade ago. These are quality Hanes t-shirts in bright yellow that have been imprinted with "I shoot sans mirror" on the front, and "I read" on the back.

Each t-shirt sells for US$13, which includes shipping in the US and Canada. Unfortunately, International shipping costs make it uneconomical to sell the shirts elsewhere.  

We don't have many of these, and they won't be reprinted. So help support this site by picking one up today. First come, first served.

Here's what remains:

  • 4 Medium
  • 12 Large
  • 17 Extra Large

To order, send an email stating your size preference via the contact information at the bottom of the page, and we'll send you a PayPal invoice when we verify that we still have one left in that size.

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