Complete Nikon 1 Guide Support, Errata, and FAQ

This book only supports the Nikon J1 and V1 cameras, not other Nikon 1 cameras.

Support Notes

  • If you have mobile devices, I strongly suggest that you download first to a computer and use your usual method (typically a drag-and-drop operation of some type) to load the PDF file onto the device. The number one support problem I've had so far has been interrupted downloads directly to the mobile device, which is usually out of my control (e.g. a carrier issue) but will eat one of your download attempts. 
  • While the files can be put onto smart phones, I personally believe that they are not the device you want to read the book on: their screens are too small for elaborately formatted PDF.
  • iOS7 introduced a bug in Apple’s PDF support that can cause the book to crash (now fixed in iOS8.1 and later). Try using the free iOS version of Adobe Acrobat Reader instead: it recognizes and deals with a standard PDF just fine ;~).

Known errata in version 1.00:

  • Empty page after File Numbering Sequence
  • Setting Language heading has a bad page break
  • Empty page after SHOOTING Menu Reset
  • Empty page before DOF tables
  • Empty page before Slot Empty Release
  • p. 33 "mislead" should be "misled"
  • p. 41 "73 photosite positions" should be "73 positions"
  • p. 196 "the has only one" should be "the Nikon 1 has only one"
  • p. 197 second bullet "underexposed" should be "overexposed"
  • p. 307 "highlight the white balance option" should just be "highlight the option"
  • p. 354 "Pictures can be taken but won't be permanently stored" should be "Shutter sound will be made when electronic shutter is used" (don't ask!)
  • p. 379 errant character just above screen shot
  • p. 396 "mirror flip and" should be "shutter"
  • p. 420 "mirror box" should be "sensor" 
  • p. 471 Step 4 is mislabeled Step 1

If you find other errors, please let me know so that I can add them to this list and fix them in subsequent updates.

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