Canon EOS M Mirrorless Cameras (APS-C)

Canon entered the mirrorless market in the summer of 2012, several years after some competitors. Unfortunately, this didn’t go very well for them in the US and European markets, and Canon withdrew importing new EOS M gear into the US in 2013 as a result. They reversed this position in 2015 and now bring mirrorless fully into the US and European markets. 

Canon uses the same crop sensor size for the EOS M as they do for the Kiss/Rebel DSLRs (APS-C). Indeed, recent EOS M models use the same image sensor as current Canon crop-sensor DSLRs, and thus performance and to some degree, features, are very similar to the Canon DSLRs.

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Bold cameras are current models and have links below (older models are here). Five generations of EOS M have been made overall. Here are the data pages for each current model:

Available Canon EOS M Lenses

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