Accessories for the Z6/Z7

The following accessories are available:

Kirk Photo

  • PZ-178 Arca-style camera plate
  • BL-Z Arca-style L-plate for camera
  • PZ-130 Arca-style plate for FTZ adapter


  • NK-Z71BK Leather half-case with Arca plate


  • PN-Z7 Arca-style camera plate
  • LN-Z7 Arca-style add-on L side plate for PN-Z7


  • MK-Z7G Slim Arca-style plate with grip extension

Really Right Stuff

  • BZ7 Arca-style base plate
  • BZ7-L Arca-style L-plate for camera


  • APL2258 Arca-style L-plate (optional cable clamps) (What I'm using)
  • APL2244 Camera cage

Three Legged Thing

  • Zelda Arca-style L-plate (available in copper or grey
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