2022 Site Changes

Update: job mostly done. I still have some work to do in the lens database section, mostly just conformity of information presentation.

As many of you are aware, this site is not just a blogfest. I try to keep accurate and complete information available across a wide range of subjects related to mirrorless camera use (those menus at the top are your friend for finding things). 

Every summer I take time to do a complete page-by-page evaluation of my sites, and then perform any necessary changes. This site needed quite a bit of cleaning up this year, which I'm now embarking upon. Here are some of the things I'm doing to the site (not all are done yet, but will be sometime this month):

  • Re-organized the lens section. With almost two dozen mount variations and four dozen lens vendors, just throwing the data pages into one big folder doesn't work any more. I've separated out lenses for discontinued mounts, and I've separating out third-party autofocus lenses from third-party manual focus lenses. I'm also conforming all the pages to the same template, though this may take a bit longer to finish. 
  • The book section has been redone, and now separates out Nikon Z and Sony E books.
  • I've updated articles and references with information that is current.
  • I've verified all the current camera data pages for accuracy and conformed them to the current data page standard.
  • I'll be implementing Google's latest site monitoring system instead of the old Google Analytics. 
  • I'm slowly updating the B&H links where needed. This work will be on-going for a few weeks, as there are a lot of links that need to be redone.
  • I continued my practice of ridding the site of the terms "shot", "shoot", "shooting," and so on. Any article I find where I found I used those terms, I edited to "image", "photo", "photography", and so on. Why? We have far too much gun violence in the world, and I personally don't want to seem to equate photography with gun use via my terminology usage. 
  • I've shortened a number of menu names so they don't take up two lines. Menus should be cleaner and more useful. And remember, you can click directly on any menu name or section and get a landing page for the sections beneath it. Quite a bit of useful information is hidden in those landing pages.
  • Moved the two technique articles to bythom.com, where they've been consolidated with all my other technique articles.
  • Added a couple of recent images to the gallery. Will eventually add more.
  • Added missing Nikon Z reviews (they're posted first on zystemuser.com).
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