Doh! Website Taken

So, Olympus has turned over the Imaging group to a new company, OM Digital Solutions. Only problem? is a Web site of an Indian SEO company. is also taken. Ditto and 

Here's a little help for JIT and their new company. The following Web site name is still available: So is and Meanwhile, the domain name of is for sale. 

Why do I get the feeling that the Web site will become an issue? For the time being, the Olympus Web sites still have camera info, and it appears that—the online sales site—will be back on Monday, though I suspect under new ownership. However, if OM Digital Solutions doesn't have rights to the Olympus name past a certain point, how does that work?

The devil's always in the details.

Update: the company picked So now a firm in India is going to get a lot of traffic when people omit the hyphen... The new Web site is pretty barren. Clicking on the Product/Support tab takes you to the old Olympus Asia product pages.

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