I Could Use Some Suggestions and Help

The lens database section of this site is now getting into the thousands of pages of lenses. The proliferation of mounts and third-party providers now makes it likely that I’m adding or updating several of those pages a week.

My first big problem is organizational. Right now I have two major sections: lenses from the camera makers for their own mount, and lenses from third parties for all mounts. Moreover, lenses no longer produced (earlier versions now replaced by a newer version, or just retired) take up a lot of space. 

So my first question is whether or not you are using all this data, and how? 

The proliferation of low cost Chinese optics—and now we’re seeing different OEM labels on the same lens, too—also takes up a good bit of space, as well. Some of those lenses are selling in the hundreds of units lifetime. 

My second question is whether or not the database needs to be complete in covering every maker, or are there makers that I should weed out?

Video lenses can be the same lens with gearing, t/stops, and other minor changes (e.g. Xeen versus Samyang). 

Third: should I split video lenses completely out into a new section? Do you even care about video lenses?

Any other comments or suggestions you have about the lens database section would be helpful as I consider this summer’s site changes (I make a full pass through each site’s existing organization and information each year).

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