Olympus Becomes OM System

It's now official, the transfer of the Imaging business from Olympus to OM Digital Solutions has now resulted in a new brand name and new product names. 

bythom omsystem

Beginning immediately, the brand will appear as OM System (new logo, above). That includes the audio recorders and other products. Product names are likely to change slightly in future, too. For instance, the OM-D EM1 is rumored to likely be changed to OM 1D, and so on throughout the lineup. While OM Digital Solutions hinted again about an upcoming camera, once again emphasizing computational additions. So, no real news, just a check-in point on the day the new brand name and logo are officially adopted.

If you're interested, there's a video, there's a press release. Neither say much of anything other than to announce the brand name and reiterate the OM philosophy.

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