Sansmirror Site Changes

I spent the last two weeks of 2020 working on changes to all my sites, this one included. So what changed here on sansmirror? Here's a summary:

  • News/View has changed structure. See the article on that. You'll need to re-point your RSS reader.
  • Olympus has become OM Digital Solutions. The divestiture of Olympus Imaging to JIP is now complete, and thus the official name change you'll see throughout the site.
  • Every article and page on the site has been re-edited. In some cases, that was just to check wording, grammar, and spelling, in other cases I made substantive changes to bring articles up to date (e.g. the Systems pages in the Article section). In a few cases I made updates to page structures.
  • Menus were simplified. The sprawl of pages made the hierarchical menus get out of control. I've minimized the menu system some. Remember, you can always select ANY heading in the menus, including the top menu item itself. You'll be taken to a section header page that allows you to navigate further, and that header page often has additional information on it. Put another way, you can just click on Cameras in the top menu and you'll be taken to the cameras section header page, which provides both information generally, as well as ways to navigate deeper into that section.
  • Advice was updated. In a number of places I provide guidance or advice about products. As the market changes constantly, I've updated that to my current opinions.

Literally thousands of pages of information populate this site, so I can't vouch for having caught every change I should have made. If you find something that needs to be fixed, by all means drop me a line (contact info is at bottom of every page with email link in Copyright notice). 

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