So What's Really Different with the X-T30 II?

There's been a bit of inconsistent information that's circulated across the Web about the X-T30 II, and it takes a real long and close read of the specifications to see the absolute differences. Here's what I see the differences as:

  • Bigger buffer. At some settings, the buffer has improved. For instance, at 8 fps with the mechanical shutter the JPEG buffer increases from 90 frames to 105, and the new Compressed Raw offers a higher buffer than before (23 versus 18). Not all settings produce buffer changes, though. Given that, I suspect that this is simply improved internal workflow changes, not a physical bandwidth or card slot change.
  • Increased video recording times. The original X-T30 was quite constrained on video recording times, allowing only 10 minutes in the 4K settings. This has improved to 30 minutes in the II model, plus we got the 1080/240P capability.
  • CIPA battery life changed. Not particularly significant, but the value upped by 10 images to 390. Again, I'd put that to internal processing efficiencies, not a physical change.
  • Rear LCD. I didn't catch this at first, but it appears that the II has a 1.68m dot LCD instead of 1.04m dot. As with some of Sony's recent LCD changes (the "a" models), this is probably a reaction to supply chain limitations; Fujifilm's subbing in a display they can get in quantity for one they can't.
  • Supplied accessories. The AC charger and USB plug adapter disappear from the box and become "optional." 
  • Improved focus tracking. An algorithmic change to the focus system calculations when tracking moving subjects.
  • Low light AF change? This one still needs to be verified, as Fujifilm used the 50mm f/1.0 lens to achieve the -7EV number. I don't recall the exact number Fujifilm claimed on the original X-T30, but I don't think it is at the same level.
  • The Auto mode has been updated. Fujifilm has changed the algorithms slightly on how it creates JPEG files with automatic scene detection settings in play. 

Other than the change in Rear LCD, it appears that most of the camera changes revolve around new firmware. 

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