Sony Sidelines More Production

The Sony A6600 and A7C have joined the "production temporarily halted" list for Sony, while the A7 Mark II and A6100 are apparently now officially out of production. While there is some conflicting information circulating, this seems to mean that:

  • No longer produced: A5100, A6100, A7 Mark II, A7R Mark II.
  • Temporarily halted: A6400, A6600, ZV-E10, A7C.
  • Still being produced: A1, A7S Mark III, A7R Mark IIIa, A7R Mark IVa, A7 Mark III, A7 Mark IV, A9 Mark II.
  • Unknown status: A6000.

In the US, the ZV-E10, A6100, A6400, A6600, A7C, A7 Mark II, and some A6000 kits still seem to be in (declining) stock. But in some areas, notably Europe, that's not true; those cameras are simply not available in some countries. 

The interesting aspect of this is that Sony has essentially cut off new supply of all APS-C (crop sensor) models in favor of the full frame ones. This appears to essentially cede that market to Canon, Fujifilm, and Nikon for the time being, which seems unusual from the market share leader. However, Sony is in a much tougher fight over full frame now with Canon and Nikon making inroads there, and the profit margin is better in the full frame cameras.

The question I have is whether Sony is using the parts supply crisis to hide a rethink and refresh of its APS-C line, or whether Sony has decided that crop sensor is less important than before and can be winnowed. 

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