Mirrorless Camera Database

With so many different cameras and some companies now on their fifth generation of camera, it's difficult to keep track of which are out there and how they differ. This database gives you the key parameters on all the mirrorless cameras, including things like current firmware versions. It includes all cameras currently available (in bold, below) plus those out-of-production but available on the used or stock sell-off market (not bold, below):

  • Canon M (EOS M, EOS M2, EOS M3, EOS M5, EOS M6, EOS M10, EOS M50EOS M100)
  • Canon R (EOS R, EOS RP)
  • Fujifilm XF (X-Pro1, X-Pro2, X-E1, X-E2X-E2s, X-E3, X-M1, X-A1, X-A2, X-A3, X-A5, X-A10, X-A20, X-T1, X-T2, X-T3, X-T1 IR, X-T10, X-T20, X-T30, X-T100, X-H1)
  • Fujifilm GX (50S, 50R)
  • Hasselblad (X1D)
  • Leica (M8, M9, M10M-E, M 240, M 262,  M-P 240M Monochrom, CL, SL, T, TL, TL2)
  • Nikon 1 (J1, J2, J3, J4, J5, S1, S2, V1, V2, V3, AW1)
  • Nikon Z (Z6, Z7)
  • Olympus (E-P1, E-P2, E-P3, E-P5, E-PL1, E-PL2, E-PL3, E-PL5, E-PL6, E-PL8, E-PL9, E-PM1, E-PM2, Pen-FOM-D E-M1, OM-D E-M1m2, E-M1X, OM-D E-M5, OM-D E-M5m2, OM-D E-M10, OM-D E-M10m2, OM-D E-M10m3)
  • Panasonic G (G1, G2, G3, G5, G6, G7, G80/G85, G90/G95G9, G10, GH1, GH2, GH3, GH4, GH4R, GH5, GH5S, GF1, GF2, GF3, GF5, GF6, GF7, GF8, GX1, GX7, GX8, GX80/GX85, GX9, GM1, GM5, GX850)
  • Panasonic S (S1S1R)
  • Pentax (Q, Q7, Q10, Q-S1, K-01)
  • Samsung (NX1, NX5, NX10, NX11, NX20, NX100, NX200, NX210, NX300, NX500, NX1000, NX1100, NX3000, Galaxy NX, mini Smart, NX mini)
  • Sigma (sd Quattro, sd Quattro H)
  • Sony (A3000, A3500, A5000, A5100, A6000, A6300, A6400, A6500, NEX-3, NEX-3C, NEX-F3, NEX-3N, NEX-5, NEX-5N, NEX-5R, NEX-5T, NEX-6, NEX-7, A7, A7m2, A7m3, A7R, A7Rm2, A7Rm3, A7S, A7Sm2, A9)
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Total mirrorless camera shipments:

  • 2012: 3.96m units (CIPA final numbers shipped)
  • 2013: 3.39m units (byThom estimate), 3.30m units (CIPA final numbers)
  • 2014: 3.2m units (byThom estimate), 3.29m units (CIPA final numbers)
  • 2015: 3m units (byThom estimate), 3.34m units (CIPA final numbers)
  • 2016: 3.5m units (byThom estimate), 3.16m units (CIPA final numbers)
  • 2017: 3.6m units (byThom estimate), 4.1m units (CIPA final numbers)
  • 2018: 4.7m units (byThom estimate), 4.1m units (CIPA final numbers)
  • 2019: 4.3m units (byThom estimate), 4.2m units (CIPA estimate)

Why are the byThom estimates sometimes off? Thom makes these estimates early in the year, and other factors can impact the final numbers (e.g. the earthquake impacted 2016 numbers).

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