Nikon Z Mirrorless Camera Reviews

Nikon's Z series of full frame cameras was introduced in 2018, and consists of a 24mp and 45mp full frame (FX) option, much like the D780 and D850 DSLR options, as well as an APS-C (DX) option that slots between a D5xxx and D7xxx.

So What Would Thom Get?
Any of the Z cameras are solid choices, so it depends a bit on what you want and need. The Z50 is the smallest, most travel-worthy camera of the bunch, but none are slouches in that regard; the Z5, Z6 and Z7, because of the full frame sensor in them, just tend to be a bit bigger and heavier. Videographers should get a Z6. Still photographers looking for the best bargain should get the Z5. Most of the rest should consider the Z7.

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