OM Digital Solutions Cameras (m4/3)

Olympus announced their first m4/3 camera in June of 2009, christening the line of cameras "Pen" in homage to their well-liked half-frame 35mm SLR cameras of the same name. In 2021 a new company was formed from the divestiture of Olympus Imaging, called OM Digital Solutions (I usually abbreviate this to OMDS).

The current OM Digital Solution lineup of m4/3 cameras runs from enthusiast (E-PL10 and E-M10 Mark IV), to serious enthusiast (Pen-F, E-M5 Mark II, E-M1 Mark III, and E-M1X).

  • E-P## = Pen = rangefinder style cameras
  • Pen-F = high-end rangefinder style cameras
  • OM-D E-M# = DSLR style cameras 
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The current OM Digital Solutions camera lineup:

For older Olympus cameras, click here.

Available Olympus m4/3 Lenses
Available Panasonic m4/3 Lenses

Overall Olympus mirrorless sales:

  • 2012 fiscal year: 590,000 units 
  • 2013 fiscal year: 510,000 units (Olympus original estimate 660,000)
  • 2014 fiscal year: <500,000 units (Olympus original estimate 610,000)
  • 2015 fiscal year: 510,000 units
  • 2016 fiscal year: 550,000 units
  • 2017 fiscal year: 450,000 units (Olympus estimate 8/16 was 460,000) 
  • 2018 fiscal year: 420,000 (Olympus estimate 5/17 was 490,000 units)
  • 2019 fiscal year: 340,000
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