OM Digital Solutions m4/3 Mount Lenses

The Olympus (and Panasonic) cameras use m4/3 mount lenses. m4/3 mount lenses have a 2x angle of view crop compared to 35mm and FX lenses. m4/3 mount lenses can only be used on Olympus, Panasonic, or other m4/3 cameras; they cannot be used on the original Olympus or Panasonic 4/3 cameras (i.e. these lenses are micro 4/3, not 4/3). 

Reminder: OM Digital Solutions is the spin-out company that took over the Olympus Imaging division.

Currently available OM Digital Solution m4/3 lenses:

Olympus’ Web Site for Lenses

Olympus’ Future Lens Road Map (last updated July 2020)

  • 8-25mm f/4 Pro
  • bright prime Pro lenses
  • telephoto Pro lenses
  • 150-400mm f/4.5 Pro
  • 100-400mm f/5-6.3
  • ~100mm macro lens

Olympus makes an adapter for the original 4/3 lenses, and the E-M1 camera, in particular, is very well suited to those lenses. 

Note that Olympus does not build optical stabilization into its lenses but into their cameras. Thus, using an Olympus m4/3 lens on a Panasonic m4/3 means that there is no optical stabilization, as Panasonic doesn’t build cameras with that built in (it’s only present in their lenses). 

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