Nikon Z Mount FX Lenses

In 2018 Nikon introduced a new full-frame line of mirrorless cameras, which use a new mount they call Z. All Z-mount lenses are labeled Z-Nikkor and possibly S-Line. Full frame lenses are identified as FX.

The Z mount is a 16mm flange distance (mount to sensor) and 55 in inner diameter.

Nikon's brochure for Z-Nikkor Lenses

Nikon's video explaining benefits of the Z mount (Note that one of their claims in this video is false—that only the Z-mount allows f/0.95; that should be f/0.55 to be accurate.)

Nikon's announced road map for Z FX lenses:

  • 35mm S-Line (likely f/1.2)
  • 70-180mm (likely f/2.8 and rebrand of Tamron lens)
  • 135mm S-Line (likely f/1.8)
  • 200-600mm zoom (originally: before April 2022, now overdue)

So, is this enough? No. Particularly missing in Nikon's Road Map are:

  1. Completion of the f/4 zoom cycle (missing 70-200mm)*
  2. Completion of the exotics (missing 200mm, 300mm, 500mm, 120-300mm, 180-400mm)
  3. Telephotos that aren't zooms, macros, or exotics (e.g. 105mm or 135mm fast prime)*
  4. Budget telephoto (e.g. 70-300mm)*
  5. Complete fast prime set (e.g. f/1.2 or better in at least 24mm, 35mm, 50mm, 85mm; we're missing the wide angles)
  6. Additional compact lenses (collapsing zooms, small primes)*
  7. Any tilt-shift lens

*Things that competitors have already

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