Fujifilm GF Mount Lenses

The GF mount lenses are for the Fujifilm medium format camera (GFX 50s). The format has a focal length equivalence (to 35mm film) of 0.79x. Fujifilm launched the format with six announced lenses, three of which were available at first shipment of the body, two of which became available later in 2017:

In addition, there is an H-mount adapter that allows you to mount old GX645AF lenses (Hasselblad H1) to a GFX 50s. Such adapted lenses can use their leaf shutter up to 1/800. Manual focus only, though the electronic communication between camera and lens is otherwise maintained.

Fujifilm has a roadmap (September 2022) that includes: 

  • 55mm f/1.7 (44mm equivalent, for 2023 release) 
  • 30mm f/5.6 tilt/shift lens (24mm equivalent, for 2023 release)
  • 110mm f/5.6 tilt/shift lens (85mm equivalent)
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