Sony Mirrorless Cameras (Full Frame)

In late 2013 Sony decided to drop the NEX name for their mirrorless cameras and develop a second line with larger, full frame sensors, all under the Alpha name.

Both APS sensor (E-Mount) and full frame sensor (FE-mount, this section) models are now available as Alpha models, with the four-digit models being APS (E-mount) and the single digit models being full frame (FE-mount).  

The E-mount and the FE-mount are physically the same, and lenses are interchangeable, though with possible vignetting and/or cropping if you use an E-mount lens on an FE-mount camera.

Sony Alpha Universe Web site
Sony Pro Support Web site

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Bold indicates current models. 

Data for all the current Sony still camera variations that have full frame sensors (for older models click here):

Available Sony FE Mount Lenses 

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