Canon EOS M Mirrorless Camera Reviews

The following are the Canon EOS M mirrorless cameras that have been reviewed:

So What Would Thom Get? The EOS M5 was the clear leader in Canon’s APS-C mirrorless efforts until the M6 Mark II came along. The M5 was like a mini-Canon DSLR in almost every respect. The EOS M50 Mark II is a simpler version of that if you’re not deep into camera control while shooting (e.g. a more automatic shooter). The M6 Mark II has the best sensor of any EOS M camera.

However, at this point the M-mount lineup has been static for a couple of years, and the appearance of RF-S seems to indicate that Canon will use that mount moving forward for APS-C cameras. So, buying into the M-mount today is a bit of a dead end: you're not likely to get any additional lens offerings or camera updates in the future. If you're okay with that, I'd say buy an M6 Mark II.

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