Panasonic Mirrorless Camera Reviews

We've reviewed the following Panasonic cameras (click on the linked camera names below to be taken to the review):

So What Would Thom Get? The GH6 and its GH5S sibling are the tour-de-force when it comes to video, including 4K video capabilities, and they have great autofocus performance with many Panasonic lenses due to careful tuning. For low light video, get the GH5s version (I wouldn't buy it for stills). And as a more general purpose camera at a lower price, the G9 II is also very good, and is Panasonic most well-rounded m4/3 camera yet.

There's really not a stinker in the current cameras, so choose a Panasonic body based upon how it fits into your shooting style. Panasonic has made serious strides in almost all their model lines over time, so keep to current models whenever possible. However, note that Panasonic still uses DFD methods for autofocus in some of their models, and these are not as snappy as the phase detect autofocus on most mirrorless cameras, and thus I generally don't recommend those Panasonic cameras for action (sports, birds in flight, etc.). 

Meanwhile, Panasonic has gotten into the full frame mirrorless game with a set of very well rounded cameras. Originally, the S1 line, but today the S5 II (and Iix if you're into video) are really competitive buys for what they include and can do.

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