OM Digital Solutions Mirrorless Camera Reviews

In 2021 Olympus completed divesting its camera group to an equity/venture group named OM Digital Solutions (or OMDS as I abbreviate it). OMDS took on all of the Olympus R&D and production and continues to iterate products. Products that were on the market when OMDS took over remain on the market, and the new company has since released one new camera and a couple of lenses.

The following are the most recent OMDS m4/3 cameras we’ve reviewed (lowest to highest):

  • E-M5 Mark II — enthusiast-oriented DSLR-style body (built-in EVF) (third generation)
  • E-M1 Mark II — enthusiast-oriented DSLR-style body (built-in EVF) (second generation)

Models that are discontinued and available used that we’ve reviewed:

  • E-P1 — enthusiast-oriented rangefinder-style body (first generation)
  • E-P2 — high-end enthusiast-oriented rangefinder-style body (second generation)
  • E-P3 — high-end enthusiast-oriented rangefinder-style body (third generation)
  • E-PL1 — enthusiast-oriented rangefinder-style body (1st generation)
  • E-M1 — enthusiast-oriented DSLR-style body (built-in EVF) (second generation)
  • E-M5 — enthusiast-oriented DSLR-style body (built-in EVF) (first generation)

So What Would Thom Get? As things currently stand, I'd say there are three clear winners in the OMDS lineup: the small and light E-M10 Mark IV, the slightly bigger and more sophisticated OM-5, and the new flagship OM-1 (basically what the E-M1 Mark IV would have been, but with a new name to reflect the new company). I can recommend all three, though I consider the E-M10 Mark IV to be the clear bargain of the bunch. The E-M10 Mark IV remains as one of my recommended travel cameras.

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