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What Would Thom Get? 

APS-C sensors: All the current A6xxx cameras are very good, with the higher numbers adding mostly focus and frame rate performance as well as better video. That said, I'd say the Goldilocks of the current lineup is the A6400. Sony also makes a vlogging/videography oriented model, the ZV-E10, which is basically an A6400 without the EVF, but with an articulating Rear LCD and several other video adaptations. 

Full Frame sensors: All the Mark III and Mark IV models of the A7 series are also excellent and currently competitive. I would avoid the Mark II models now, except for the A9 Mark II and A7S Mark II. I'm not a huge fan of the A7R Mark IV at 61mp, as I'm not finding it to be sufficiently "better" with all those extra pixels, particularly now that the A1 exists. The A1 is the class act in the Sony mirrorless lineup if you need fast tracking focus and high frame rates, but the A9 Mark II might suffice if you don't need 50mp. And all that said, most people should probably get the A7 Mark IV, which is a remarkably good jack-of-all-trades camera with excellent performance.

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