Fujifilm X Mirrorless Camera Reviews

The following are the Fujifilm mirrorless cameras we've reviewed to date (click on the linked camera names below to be taken to the review):

So What Would Thom Get? Fujifilm has a bit of a perplexing lineup, as the current models are all quite different. 

There's no question that the X-H2S is Fujifilm's new APS-C flagship, though. If you can afford the price and need the speed, it's the body to get. I'm less inclined to steer you towards the X-H2, given that the X-T5 uses the same 40mp sensor, is smaller and less costly. 

From there, we have the confusing part of the lineup: X-E4, X-Pro3, X-T30II, X-S20. It's as if Fujifilm is throwing design spaghetti at the consumer and seeing what sticks. Personally, if you're headed down line from the X-H2S, I'd strongly suggest you take a long look at the X-S20. It's a really good camera at a reasonable price.

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