Sony FE Mount Lenses

In October 2013 Sony announced full frame models (A7, A7R), and a variation on the mount, called the FE-mount. In 2014 they introduced a third body with the E-mount, the A7S, and updated the A7 to the A7 Mark II. Since then we've gotten further iterations of the A7 models, A1 and A9 models, plus a A7C model, all of which use full frame sensors.

Physically the same as the E-mount, FE lenses differ in covering the full frame sensor (E lenses cover only the APS-C sized sensor area). You can mount E-mount lenses on FE bodies and FE-mount lenses on E bodies. E-mount lenses on FE bodies will mean a cropped image area; FE lenses on an E body mean a 1.5x change to the angle of view. 

Sony naming is a bit vaguely defined, but the primary marketing messages are:

  • No letter: basic lens level
  • G: high performance ("stand shoulder to shoulder with outstanding Zeiss")
  • GM: high resolution capability and appealing bokeh (“master”)

Current FE lenses:

Sony’s Web Page for Lenses

Sony does not have a specific Road Map for new lenses. In terms of rumored and leaked lenses:

  • 16mm f/1.8GM
  • 300mm f/2.8GM OSS (2024)
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