Nikon 1 - V2 

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The V2 was the second iteration of the top model for the Nikon 1 line. As such, it has additional features and is targeted at the enthusiast who wants more control over their camera.

  • Sensor: 14.25mp Nikon CMOS sensor, 13.2x8.8 (2.7x crop)
  • Mount: Nikon CX
  • Images: 4608 x 3072 JPEG or compressed 12-bit NEF maximum, 15 fps max full resolution
  • Video:  1080P/30/60, 1080i/60, 720P/60, 480P/30/15, 240P/400, 120P/1200, MPEG4 MOV file, stereo PCM audio
  • Shutter: electronic 30 sec to 1/16,000 sec, bulb; mechanical 30 sec to 1/4000 sec, bulb
  • Exposure: matrix, center-weighted, spot metering, -3 to +3EV exposure compensation, 6 white balance settings (plus Auto and Custom), ISO 160-6400
  • Focus: on imaging sensor 135 point phase detection plus contrast detect, single point, multi-area, face detect, tracking, manual focus override
  • Display: 3" 921k dot fixed LCD, integrated half-inch 1440k dot EVF
  • Flash: Built-in flash (also external flash in accessory mount), 1/250 flash sync, red-eye reduction, slow sync, rear sync
  • Remote: IR receiver on front and rear of camera (ML-L3 controller optional)
  • Other Notable Features: timelapse, motion snapshot (1 second at 1080P/60 plus full resolution still), smart photo selector, supports GPS (with optional module), slow view (slow motion view of continuous frame shots), optional GPS
  • Cards: SD, SDHC, SDXC
  • Battery: EN-EL21
  • Size: 4.3 x 3.25 x 1.8" (109 x 82 x 46) wide, tall, deep
  • Weight: 9.8 ounces (278g)
  • Colors: White and Black
  • Price: US$900 with 10-30mm kit lens
  • Announced: Oct 2012, ships Nov 2012
  • Current firmware: A:122/B1.21 (April 2018)

Link to Thom's full Nikon V2 Review

Lenses for the Nikon 1 cameras
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