3D Lumix G 12.5mm f/12

  • m4/3 coverage
  • autofocus with manual override 
  • internal focusing
  • 4 elements in 3 groups (x2)
  • 37° angle of view
  • fixed f/12 aperture diaphragm
  • no filter ring
  • 1.97' (.6m) minimum focus, 1:10 magnification ratio
  • .8" (20.5mm) long, 2.24" (57mm) diameter
  • 1.59 ounces (45g) weight
  • price US$150
  • Model Number H-FT012

Note: This unique lens requires updated firmware on the G2, G3, GF3, GF2, GH2, and GX1. A software based 3D player available from Panasonic is required to view 3D images. 

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