Lumix G 20mm f/1.7 ASPH

  • m4/3 coverage
  • autofocus 
  • 7 elements in 5 groups, 2 aspherical elements
  • 7-blade aperture diaphragm
  • smallest aperture is f/16
  • 46mm filter ring
  • 8" (.2m) minimum focus, 1:4 magnification ratio
  • 1" (25.5mm) long, 2.48" (63mm) diameter
  • 3.53 ounces (100g) weight
  • included lens pouch
  • original price US$360 Discontinued (out of production, some supplies still left)
  • Model Number H-H020

Thom's Mini Review: A "normal" prime that's fast. Note that compared to the kit lens you're slightly over two stops faster with this lens at the same focal length. Thus, this lens really starts to shine when you're shooting in low light, as it slows you from bumping the ISO on the body too much. Optically, I wasn't particularly impressed: it's good but not great, just as the MTF charts suggest. I find the 14mm to perform slightly better. Likewise, the autofocus isn't quite as fast as I'd expect from a simple prime. Video shooters like this lens for getting that narrow DOF (Hollywood look), but I find the bokeh only good, not great. But it's a lens everyone should probably have, as it's smaller and lower priced than the 25mm f/1.4 and matches the smaller m4/3 bodies quite nicely. Good build quality. Recommended (2013 to present)

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