Sony 16mm f/2.8

  • E-mount (Sony NEX)
  • 5 elements in 5 groups, 1 aspherical
  • 83 degree angle of view
  • apertures from f/2.8 to f/22, 7-blade rounded diaphragm
  • no image stabilization
  • 9.4" (0.24m) minimum focus, autofocus, manual focus ring, rear focus, 1:14 maximum magnification
  • 49mm filter size, no lens hood available
  • 0.9" x 2.4" (23 x 62mm) long and diameter
  • 2.5 ounces (70g)
  • available in silver
  • Model number SEL16F28, US$250 suggested retail price
  • Accessories: VCL-ECF1 fisheye converter (provides 15mm full frame fisheye equivalent), VCL-ECU1 wide angle converter (provides 18mm full frame equivalent)

Thom's Mini Review: This wide-angle prime (24mm equivalent) is a handy small size that complements the small NEX and A5xxx/A6xxx body sizes. Wide open, it's optically good in the center, not quite as good at the edges. While the lens has been maligned by some as soft or not a good match to the NEX body's high resolution, I find it acceptable. Not great, just acceptable. Stop down to f/8 to get best results. It really needs a lens hood, too, but you'll have to dip into third party accessories to find one that works well (I use a B+W metal screw-in hood). For wide angle video work you can hide a NEX with this lens in a very confined space, and in video the lens's optical weaknesses tend not to be noticed. The two conversion accessories provide interesting wider options and are surprisingly decent. 

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