Olympus Announces the "PL Late"

bythom olympus pl8 2

Olympus used their press conference today to announce the long-delayed E-PL8 body, basically the sixth version of original entry Pen camera. This tuned-up entry model closely resembles the E-PL7, but has lots of small changes that show that someone was paying attention to details. If nothing else, the E-PL8 looks cleaner and tidier than its predecessor, even though it doesn’t move very far forward. Still, for a US$550 body, what would you be expecting?

More interesting, Olympus offered up the next two lenses in their PRO series along with an interesting new short macro lens. 

bythom olympus 25mmpro

The 25mm f/1.2 becomes the fastest “normal” lens for the m4/3 mount. Price is US$1200.

The 12-100mm f/4 is an interesting 24-200mm equivalent lens. Price is US$1300.

The 30mm f/3.5 macro. This lens focuses down to 3.74” (.095m) and produces a 1.25:1 maximum magnification ratio. Of course the lens is 2.4” long, so you have virtually no working distance to obtain greater than life-size shots. Price of this lens is a more affordable US$300.

In addition Olympus announced the FL-900R flash (US$580)…

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