Sony Pro Support

With the recent addition of the A9 to the A7 lineup, Sony has now added a a new Sony Imaging Pro Support program that includes mirrorless camera users. You'll need a minimum of two full-frame bodies (even though the image on their site shows one full frame and one crop-sensor body ;~), and three Sony Zeiss or G Series lenses to join. You'll also have to be a full-time professional photographer and provide work samples to prove that. 

In return for meeting the qualifications you'll be given a dedicated phone and email support desk to reach (7am-4pm Pacific Time), a 3-day turnaround and discount on repairs, loaner cameras/lenses (limitations), invitation to special events, and three free camera/lens maintenance services a year. Shipping is covered both inbound and outbound on repairs. 

By the way, if you're a Sony user and haven't discovered the AlphaUniverse Web site, you should check it out (it's in my Mirrorless Web site links; if you've got other links you think that should be there, let me know). You'll find learning resources there, can see the work of the various Sony Artisans, and check for local events you might be interested in. For example, those of you in the Denver/Boulder area might be interested in an A9 launch event at Mike's Camera in Boulder on the 15/16th. 

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