Fujifilm Officially Launches GFX, Adds X-T20

Fujifilm unleashed a wide range of products today. One was the official launch of the GFX, which includes pricing and availability information (the product was introduced back at Photokina, though with incomplete specifications). Another was the follow-up to the X-T10, the X-T20. 

bythom fujifilm xt20

Since the X-T20 is new, let's start with it: basically the X-T20 is to the X-T10 what the X-T2 is to the X-T1. We get the same bump in sensor to 24mp X-Trans, we get the latest imaging ASIC, we get 4K video and a few other additions. In terms of external body size and controls, the X-T20 is pretty much the same as the X-T10. Body price is US$899, with kit lens options at US$999 and US$1199.

bythom fujifilm 50mm

Fujifilm also announced the 50mm f/2R WR lens for the APS models, a small and lightweight moderate telephoto lens. This new lens means that Fujifilm now has four compact and light lenses for the X series cameras (18mm, 23mm, 35mm, and 50mm; or 28mm, 35mm, 50mm, 75mm equivalent), making them the third mirrorless camera lineup to have a manufacturer provide a full, basic, small prime set that goes from moderate wide angle to moderate telephoto (Leica M and m4/3 would be the first two). Kudos to Fujifilm (meanwhile, what the heck is wrong with Canon and Nikon in the crop sensor DSLR world in leaving this elemental lens set unavailable?). 

The GFX is now officially priced at US$6500 with availability slated for late February. I've filled in any of the missing specifications on the camera data pages. Fujifilm also announced a lens adapter for the GFX that allows you to use any of nine GX645AF lenses with the GFX camera (though only in manual focus). The GX645AF was basically the same as the old Hasselblad H1—Hasselblad rebadged the Fujifilm version.

bythom fujifilm x100f

If all the above weren't enough, Fujfilm also announced the latest version of the X100, the X100F. Like the other X models, it now gets boosted to 24mp and the latest Fujifilm goodies. The hybrid viewfinder gets some tweaks, ACROS film simulation has been added, and the rear side of the camera has a few redesigns to it. The X100F also gets new wide angle and telephoto lens converters. The X100F will also be available in February, for US$1300. 

Overall, Fujifilm enters 2017 with a strong enthusiast and pro lineup that has been almost completely updated (or launched) within the last year (X-Pro2, X-T2, X-T20, X-A3, X-A10, GFX 50S, X100F). It's going to be difficult for the Big Three—Canon, Nikon, and Sony—to continue to ignore Fujifilm, as the X models are now starting to bracket a wide range of products from the triopoly, and with strong feature sets and reasonable pricing. 

While it took Fujifilm a long time—and at least two misfires—to get to this point, they now have a serious lineup from large sensor compact to medium format camera that has to be considered by anyone contemplating new gear. The fact that Fujifilm is paying strong attention to lens availability—even on the GFX 50S—tells me that they understand that enthusiasts might not buy every lens they make, but that they understand that having a full line available is part of the buying decision making process for users.

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