Fujifilm's Big Announcement Day

bythom fujifilm xe3

Fujifilm today went on a binge of announcements, mostly centered on the new X-E3 camera, an update of the X-E2/X-E2s.

The X-E3 brings Fujifilm's latest technologies to the E body: 24mp X-Trans sensor, 4K video, Bluetooth connectivity, touchscreen, and phase detect autofocus on the sensor. You also get the focus position joystick that premiered with the X-Pro2. 

Overall, the X-E3 takes a bit of volume and weight away from its predecessor, keeping it more clearly in the compact and light category in the Fujifilm lineup. The rangefinder style EVF got a few tweaks, including a different eye point and magnification than the preceding model. In many ways, the X-E3 may now be a slightly better choice than the X-T20, adding some additional focus controls and Bluetooth while sacrificing the built-in flash (the X-E3 comes with a small external flash). 

Body only is US$899, unfortunately a step up.

bythom fujifilm 80mm

Along with the X-E3, Fujifilm had a torrent of other things to talk about, including the new 80mm f/2.8 Macro for the X mount, the 45mm f/2.8 for the GF mount, new firmware updates pre-announced for the X-Pro2, X-T2, X100F, and X-T20, a new lens roadmap, and a new Fujifilm X RAW Studio software program that is sort of weird (it requires the camera hooked to the computer, as the actual raw demosaic is done by the camera's imaging ASIC chip, not the computer).

Overall, Fujifilm continues to be quite active in releasing mirrorless products and then refreshing them with firmware updates. At present count the APS-C lineup consists of six current bodies and 22 lenses, plus a small medium format body with five available lenses (soon to be six).

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