Complete Site Update

Once a year I like to go through a complete page-by-page refresh of each site, checking for various issues, inconsistencies, needed corrections, and improvements that can be made. That takes a bit of time, as this site has grown to about 1500 pages. has now gone through that annual physical. Here are the changes you might notice:

  • Cleaned up the style sheet and fixed page margin and other CSS issues. 
  • Moved menus to top of display, and simplified them; added home page to menus.
  • Fixed site search.
  • Updated the privacy policies.
  • Updated a few articles (e.g. the 3 travel camera kit article).
  • Cleaned up article formatting throughout. Reviews should be more stylistically the same, for example. Breadcrumb links (just under page title) should appear more consistently throughout.
  • Removed ratings from old camera reviews and added information about whether camera is current at end of review. Added year to any "recommended" comments.
  • Reorganized Articles section so it isn't a long scrolling list of articles.
  • Updated the Camera FAQ.
  • Updated the Lens FAQ.
  • Updated and checked the Other Mirrorless Sites of Interest links.
  • Changed a lot of image sizing so as to produce fewer re-size artifacts when you change window size (or device).
  • Began using m1 for Mark I, m2 for Mark II, etc.
  • Began transition to https.
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