Fujifilm's Summer Sale

Fujifilm USA has just put quite a bit of their mirrorless product lineup on sale, and I thought you should know about it, as a few of those items are on my recommended lists and the savings aren't trivial.

  • Entry level: the X-A5 and X-T100 both get a US$200 discount if you buy with a 50-230mm lens. This puts both cameras with a 24-345mm equivalent lens set at well under the US$1000 mark (US$800 for the X-A5, US$900 for the X-T100). 
  • Upper level: The X-T2 body gets a US$500 discount and the X-H1 body gets a US$250 discount.
  • Top level: The medium format GFX50s body gets a US$650 discount and the lenses for it get discounts ranging from US$350 to US$550.

These are all good products for their category, and the discounts make it far easier to consider them. Curiously, I've come to like the X-A5 better than the EOS M6, but still prefer the EOS M5 over the X-T100 (review coming). Interesting how small differences in features/controls/performance can make big differences in how well you like something.

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