New Fujifilm Lenses

Fujifilm had a lot to say about lenses yesterday, introducing the 8-16mm f/2.8 and 200mm f/2 lenses that had been on their roadmap. They updated the roadmap to include three new lenses, including a 35mm f/1 (but only coming in 2020). 

The more important aspect of what Fujifilm said, however, came in a press release from corporate: the current lineup is producing lens sales that are growing at 20% per annum, and Fujifilm is investing in new plant facilities at the Taiwa factory in Japan to increase production capacity of lenses by as much as 70% by 2020. 

I'm sure that some Web sites are going to pick up on that press release and make claims for Fujifilm's dominating mirrorless. Two caveats are right there in the press release, though: (1) the 70% increase only occurs if and when all the new facilities go operational; and (2) apparently Fujifilm is moving some of the video lenses there, as they specifically mention "other [than GF and XF] interchangeable lenses." 

Curiously, Fujifilm also mentioned another lens in the press release that isn't on their official roadmap, a 305mm f/2, though it isn't clear if this is destined for the XF series cameras or not.

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