Panasonic Joins Full Frame Squad

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After the L-mount alliance announcement, Panasonic unveiled two new full frame mirrorless cameras they're working on, and three lenses.

The cameras are the S1 (24mp) and S1R (47mp). The two cameras being developed use the Leica L mount and share a large core of features: a large (larger than Canon R and Nikon Z7) body, on-sensor image stabilization, 4K video at 60 fps, Panasonic's depth by defocus system, 3-axis tilting LCD, weather sealing, and dual XQD and SD card slots. 

Curiously, Panasonic claims that the S1R will be used mostly by still photographers (it also has a 150mp pixel shift mode), while the S1 would be used by still photographers and videographers. 

Beyond this, the specifics are scarce, and the mockups available to hold were non-working.

Along with the cameras—which some reports say are targeted to appear in spring 2019—Panasonic announced that the first lenses would be a 50mm f/1.4, a 24-105mm (I think f/4), and a 70-200mm f/2.8. Panasonic promised a total of more than ten lenses before the end of 2020, essentially a keep-up-with-Nikon type of number, though Panasonic is starting later.

Panasonic will also be introducing Lumix Pro, a service and support program for professional photographers and videographers using Lumix cameras. This program will launch in the US sometime in October.

While I've reorganized the camera and lens sections to deal with the L-mount alliance and the new Panasonic offerings behind the scenes, right now there isn't enough information to bring those databases forward into view. As soon as there is, I'll do so.

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