Is One Really Better?

I keep seeing comparo reviews of the three entry, full-frame, mirrorless cameras (Canon R, Nikon Z6, Sony A7m3). dpreview's is just the latest. 

I actually think it's gotten far simpler than that:

  • If you already own a lot of EF-mount lenses, get the R (perhaps consider the Sony with an adapter, but realize you're going to end up eventually replacing your EF lenses)
  • If you already own a lot of F-mount lenses, get the Z6
  • If you don't already own any lenses or have sold all your lenses off, buy on price and which system has what you think you want
  • If you don't already own any lenses and want the currently most well-rounded system with the most new lens options, buy the Sony

I really do think it's any simpler than that. 

As I've written before, mirrorless was causing a lot of leakage from the DSLR duopoly. People waiting for Canon and Nikon to make a smaller, lighter, EVF-based camera system—preferably compatible with the legacy systems—got tired of waiting and started sampling and leaking into mirrorless systems. You have to give Fujifilm, Olympus, Panasonic, and Sony credit: they realized that not only could they not topple the DSLR duo, but that DSLRs themselves were eventually going to become fossils. 

Trying to nuance all the differences and come up with various category "winners" as dpreview just tried to do is really only of interest to the last two groups I identified above. And even then, these three cameras are all highly competent products. If only one of them existed, we'd be praising it and asking for "some fixes." As it stands, we're praising all three and asking for "some fixes." 

I've reviewed all the Sony A7/A9 offerings. You can find those in the camera section of this site. Really good cameras with some UI/ergonomic/nomenclature flaws you'll either get over or get used to.

I'll be posting reviews for the Nikon Z6/Z7 shortly, and they're really good cameras with some flaws, just not in the UI/ergonomic/nomenclature area. 

My Canon review will come a bit later, but you can probably guess that I'm going to write "it's a really good camera with some flaws..." 

By the time my Canon review appears, Panasonic may be ready to put the S1 in people's hands, and we can all do this comparo thing over again ;~).

None of the flaws I note with any of the three current cameras are deal stoppers. They're more like irritations you need to be aware of and deal with (some you can adjust and compensate for; I did [I've got a bigger stick-on button on my AF-On button on the A7]). None are really going to stop you from taking great photos. So go back up to the top of the article and figure out which bullet defines you, and do that. 

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