Nikon Z Firmware Update and Service Advisory

The 2.00 version of the Z6 and Z7 firmware appeared from Nikon today. The primary feature changes:

  • Eye detect autofocus was added. This is really an extension of Face detect in Auto Area mode, not a separate mode (faces are still detected, and then focus is shifted to the eye when they are detected).
  • Low light autofocus has improved. The Z6 shoots to -3.5EV and the Z7 to -2EV under normal circumstances (ISO 100, f/2). When set to low light, these numbers extend to -6EV and -4EV, respectively.
  • Exposure is no longer restricted in Continuous High (Extended). Previously, exposure was set to the first image in the sequence. Now all exposures get full exposure assessment.
  • Shutter type can now be automatic. The camera can automatically switch between mechanical and electronic shutter based upon shutter speed.

In addition, a number of other minor changes and bug fixes were made, as well. Note that the changes in the Z firmware had Nikon updating the Capture NX-D, Camera Control Pro, and ViewNX-i software, as well. 

All the new firmware and software can be found on Nikon's central download center.

Meanwhile, Nikon has initiated a Service Advisory for some Z6 and Z7 camera bodies. Apparently the sensor VR function does not function properly in some bodies. You can enter your serial number to see if your camera is affected.

Now that the new firmware is out, I'll work on completing my Z6 review (I've been holding off on that to see what impacts this major firmware update has on the Z experience). Fortunately, my Z6 is not affected by the service advisory.

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