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Thom Hogan has been known for his technical writing and books for over 40 years, with over 60 computer, programming, and photography books written, read by millions worldwide. Despite the fact that Thom doesn't apply for or accept awards, his writing has still managed to win several prestigious awards along the way. Nikon users have for over 20 years have relied upon his clear, complete, and accurate books for the serious Nikon cameras.

Now, Thom has expanded his camera books beyond just those of Nikon SLRs and DSLRs. This section of the site includes Thom's books on both Nikon and Sony mirrorless cameras. 

Currently available:

These books are available as (near) immediate downloads that are covered by License Agreement and can't be passed on. I don't like this, but the vast majority of you requested the ability to instantly download. Unfortunately the hassle of creating, storing, and shipping physical product just doesn't work for small quantities. 

I understand that there is still demand for printed copies of my books. I’m investigating other possibilities in that regard, however note their size (completeness) makes it impossible to bind inexpensively.

Can I read byThom books on my iPad? Kindle? Nook? Yes. See the book FAQ. However, these books are primarily formatted to look best on an iPad, similar tablet, or desktop.

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