Nauticam Underwater Housing for the GF-3

Nauticam, a maker of underwater housings for cameras, today announced a housing for the Panasonic GF-3, model number NA-GF3. The housing has a depth rating of 100m and a suggested price of US$1650. All major controls have external equivalents in the housing itself, and the housing has a leak detector (both audible and visible). Lens ports for most of the major lenses you'd use underwater are available: 8mm fisheye, 7-14mm, 14-42mm, and 45mm macro. Optical flash connection supports the Inon S-TTL and Sea & Sea DS-TTL flashes. Weighs 2.2 pounds (1.03kg). The housing should ship by the end of October 2011. Nauticam Web site.

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