What I Really Wanted in a Nikon 1

Nikon 1 Z1.


Instead of hiding the the controls, the Z1 model exposes them a bit: PASM on the mode dial. Add a front "dial." Make one of the buttons programmable or add a button that's programmable. Add the P7100's pivot screen. Improve the turn on time. Add (programmable) highlights and live histograms. Add 24 fps to the video. Create a new wireless controller flash unit, the SB-800N. Finally, put a grip on the thing. Voila: instant Z1.

For what it's worth, reports out of Japan suggest that there is a higher end Nikon 1 being tested, as well as a number of additional accessories, including an i-TTL flash converter that would allow you to use existing i-TTL Speedlights (I've seen pictures of the latter, not of the former).

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