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Lensbaby has added new Composer Pro models for the Sony NEX, Samsung NX, and Olympus/Panasonic m4/3 mounts. The Composer Pro has a swivel mount that allows tilt effects, and features a 50mm f/2 double glass lens (other lenses, including 80mm, 35mm, fisheye, soft focus, pinhole, and single glass versions are available for the Composer Pro, as well). The focus mechanism on the Composer Pro is more fluid and accurate than the lower cost and older Lensbaby offerings, described by its maker as more like a manual focus lens. 

The Composer Pro has a tilt range of 17.5°. The 50mm optic has apertures from f/2 to f/22, focuses to 18", and is selective focus (central focus spot that is surrounded by a gradual blurring). Cost is US$300.

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