X-Pro1 Firmware Update

Fujifilm has released firmware update 1.01 for the X-Pro1 camera and lenses. Changes include: reducing the chatter when the camera is in control of changing aperture while shooting; improvement of manual focus parallax compensation in the optical finder; improved visibility of optical viewfinder information in low light; and a fix so that delete works correctly after viewing images.

Unfortunately, Fujifilm's update process means you have to repeat it for each lens that you own. You must first update the body, then each lens separately. Moreover, pay attention to the numbers, as Fujifilm hasn't: the 60mm f/2.4 lens update that resolves the chatter problem is actually version 1.02. All the rest are labeled 1.01. 

Can someone say "didn't plan well?" What happens when you have six, or eight, or more X-Pro1 lenses? You have to perform updates seven or nine or more times? And what happens when a lens itself gets physically updated (e.g. 18mm f/2 Version 2)? Do we then have to pay attention to version numbers of version numbers? Bottom line: Fujifilm has created a geeky, user-unfriendly updating system. On a camera that is going to need a few more updates, based upon my testing. Yuck.

Fujifilm Firmware Update Page

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