US Rebates

Olympus is pushing rebates again on the Pen cameras in the US. This time the program covers more models and recent ones (E-PM1, E-PL3, and E-P3), along with a couple of lenses. Here are some examples:

  • US$50: E-PL3 body and kits, E-P3 body and kits, 9-18mm lens
  • US$75: E-PM1 body and kits
  • US$100: E-PL3 double lens kit, E-P3 double lens kit, 70-300mm lens
  • US$125: E-PM1 double lens kit

This puts the entry E-PM1 double lens kit under US$600.

Meanwhile, Nikon is also heavy into instant rebate promotions with the Nikon 1 here in the US:

  • US$50: J1 and V1 body and kits
  • US$150: J1 and V1 double lens kits

The double lens rebates are basically making the excellent 30-110mm lens into a US$150 option. I consider that a bargain for its performance. I wish I could say that the Nikon 1 body prices were a bargain, too, but they're not, even with the discounts.

As far as I can tell, only the Sony NEX-C3 currently has any instant rebate associated with it. 

As a reminder, here in the US we tend to get promotions (discounts) centered around the faux holidays as well as real. Currently we're in the Valentine's Day promotions. Next up is the Mother's Day promotions, then the Father's Day promotions and eventually the Graduation/Summer Vacation promotions. Later in the year it's the Back-to-School promotion followed by the long-lasting and heavily advertised Christmas Promotion. If you're not in a hurry to buy, it sometimes pays to wait until the next promotion period rolls around.

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