Final BCN Japan Tallies

BCN 2012 chart.jpg

BCN reports retail sales of most consumer items in Japan based upon a large (but not complete) percentage of the retail establishments there. The final mirrorless camera results and Gold Awards for 2011 are now available:

  • Olympus 38.6% (2011), 29.1% (2010)
  • Panasonic 29.3% (2011), 38.7% (2010)
  • Sony 27.3% (2011), 32.5% (2010)

Panasonic and Olympus swapped places, primarily because of Olympus' continued promotions of older cameras at highly reduced prices, while latecomer Nikon nibbled away a bit of Sony's share starting in November. 

Expect things to change in 2012. The currently weekly rankings of mirrorless sales in Japan show the following cameras as top mirrorless sellers:

  1. Panasonic GF3 (double lens kit)
  2. Nikon J1 (double lens kit)
  3. Panasonic GF2 (double lens kit)
  4. Panasonic GX1 kit
  5. Nikon J1 kit

Given all the new cameras coming as well as the way that discounting strongly influences the Japanese retail camera scene right now, I expect 2012 to be a topsy-turvy year at retail in Japan for mirrorless cameras.  

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