How to Pay More for a Fujifilm X-Pro1

Buy it at Harrod's. 

Specifically, buy the Harrod's exclusive version with the body, the three lenses, and all the (current) accessories cradled nicely in a hand made case manufactured by Globe-Trotter. Price for this lovely brass-plaqued and leather-handled wonder?  About US$9000. 

Personally, I wouldn't highlight the case as being "14 layers of specially bonded paper" in my press release if I was more than doubling the price of the items inside. Somehow manages to make it sound worse than it is, and it doesn't sound very exclusive when you appear to be charging more than double the price to add layers of paper.  

Apparently Fujifilm is responsible for this concoction, as they sought out Globe-Trotter to make the bespoke edition. Call it Leica envy. Hey, if the Germans can produce collector's editions for the Japanese, why not return the favor? Seems a shame, though, doesn't it? Here's a camera that none of us can get our hands on yet and already Fujifilm wants to sell versions that are likely to never take a picture.  

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