New Version of Sony 18-200mm NEX Lens Announced

Along with the NEX F3 announcement, Sony also announced a new version of the 18-200mm  superzoom for the E mount. Pay close attention, as there are many small changes, though Sony didn't offer quite enough information to fill out a full spec list.

The new black 18-200mm is 12% lighter than its sliver predecessor, and it's also a bit smaller in diameter and slightly cheaper. Those are good differences for the small NEX camera bodies. The differences that might trip you are that close focus is now .5m (20") instead of .3m (12"), and that the optical stabilization isn't quite the same, particularly for video work.

Because the new specs that we do know (and photos Sony has supplied) match up with the Tamron 18-200mm, many are assuming that the new lens is just a rebranding of the Tamron. Given the relationship between the two companies (Sony is an investor in Tamron, and Tamron has previously made lenses for other companies), that's entirely possible.

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